Introspective Tarot: Starting a Blog

I love tarot. Not for divination, per se, but as a contemplation exercise. How do I feel about the cards I’m looking at? Do I hate what they are telling me or do I love it? Sometimes it’s hard work to decipher a reading, but often those are the best ones because they make me look at an issue from a much-needed different perspective.

One of my favorite decks is the Mary-El Tarot. It’s not for the faint of heart because of the complex imagery and interpretations. The deck is dark, yet hopeful. Rich in mythology, yet accessible on an intuitive level.

Here’s my three-card body, mind, spirit draw on starting a blog:


  1. Body: Ace of Wands. This card tells me I have a lot of creative energy and potential to apply to this project.
  2. Mind: Page of Wands. This card reminds me that strength of heart is often more powerful than strength of body. In this instance, I can follow my heart courageously.
  3. Spirit: Death. The obvious meaning of this card is death, ending, mortality. But it can also be about profound change or transformation. It makes me think that this endeavor could be quite difficult for me. I will need to allow things to die. Maybe my expectations or my ego. In the end, this could be a powerful experience for me and maybe even others.

I was contemplating if I want to keep this blog more of a collection of my own musings, part memoir, part personal essay, or if I want to also include more journalistic posts. I suppose I need to follow my heart and go with what I’m feeling as I sit down to compose posts. Who knows where this journey might lead me, but this is an encouraging reading to keep me moving forward.


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