Adventures With(out) Sugar

I recently endeavored to complete the Maffetone Two-Week Test. It has you cut out certain sources of carbs, such as fruit, beans, grains, and refined sugar. Then, after two weeks, you add back in different sources one at a time to see how each affects you and if you might have an intolerance to that carb source. Of course, Maffetone, like most doctors, recommends never adding refined sugar back into your diet.


I only made it nine days on the diet due to some pre-existing GI issues, but it gave my gastroenterologist further insight into those issues based on the atypical reaction I had to the diet. I’ll soon be undergoing a new test, this time to look for SIBO. However, I was still able to garner some insights into my reaction to carb sources. It seems beans are off the menu for me. Although once I (hopefully) get my GI tract in better shape, I might give the test another try to get more accurate results.

One of the most interesting things was how my perception of sweetness changed in just nine days of eating nothing sweeter than pecans. The first time I ate fruit again (some berries), it was an explosion of super-sweet flavor in my mouth. Even four days later, I still notice the difference. I put some mango in my oatmeal this morning. I did this pre-test too, but today it was almost too sweet for me. It made me realize just how inured my taste buds had become to sugar, and I didn’t even eat super sweet foods all that often. I’m a little afraid to even try a dessert for fear of sweetness overload. I suppose that’s a good thing. 🙂

Now the lingering question is if I can maintain my diminished taste for the super sweet. Challenge accepted.


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