Anger and Jeff Sessions

Yesterday, I posted about chronic pain and shared my obvious anger with Jeff Sessions and a good many doctors. After I wrote the post, I got my weekly Dharma Quote from Shambala Publications. Here’s what it said:

“It is with animate beings that we most often get angry. If we analyze these animate causes that make us unhappy, we find that they are themselves influenced by other conditions. They are not making us angry simply because they want to. In this respect, because they are influenced by other conditions, they are in fact powerless. So there is no need to get angry with them.” ¹

I totally get what the Dalai Lama is going for. I even agree with it in principle. I’m still pretty angry with Jeff Sessions, but mostly with the circumstances that create people with ill-informed opinions like his on dealing with pain. It is those pesky “conditions” that have all the power and that need to change. Maybe the Dalai Lama would be cool with my anger at them.


¹ The Bodhisattva Guide: A Commentary on The Way of the Bodhisattva by H.H. the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, pages 86–87.

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