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F is for Fool or Beginning and Ending the Major Arcana #tarot #AtoZChallenge

Today I am sharing another draft from my tarot project: The Fool. It is often numbered zero or left unnumbered.

0 Fool webThe Fool is a card of both beginnings and endings, of being foolish in the best of senses but also naïve. There is an innocence to the card, of stepping into the unknown without knowing or thought of what is to come. As many tarot cards have, there is a paradoxical aspect of the Fool. It can appear at either the beginning or end of the major arcana (or occasionally near the end). At the beginning, it is a person stepping boldly into the unknown journey, without fear or the expectations of hope. At the end, it suggests a person who has completed the cycle and, becoming enlightened, undertakes the journey yet again, knowing the suffering to come. The latter is reminiscent of the Buddhist idea of a bodhisattva, or one who attains enlightenment to alleviate the suffering of others.

The Fool card often includes an animal companion, usually a dog, for the person setting out on their (latest) journey. Many decks include a butterfly as a symbol of transformation.

Keywords upright: Beginnings, endings, innocence, first step of a profound journey, acceptance

Keywords reversed: Foolhardy, reckless, fear, holding onto expectations

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5 thoughts on “F is for Fool or Beginning and Ending the Major Arcana #tarot #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I have learned a little bit about tarot in the past few months, and I have realized that I had a lot of misconceptions about what it is. I love this card–I think this kind of a deck speaks to my heart a lot more than some of the terrifying decks I have seen and read about.
    Melanie’s Stories


  2. Fool is one of my favorite cards and archetypes. How fun that you’ve undertaken this tarot project, and I can’t help but imagine it’s been like the journey taken by the Fool as well. So many things to explore and master.


  3. There is so much knowledge and facts to tarrot cards… Liked reading this piece. Another blogger I know who writes about tarrot is Shinjini- she goes by the name of Modern Gypsy.


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