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L is for Lovers #Tarot #AtoZChallenge

Today I am going out of town for the weekend to visit with my mother, so I’m relying on some tarot essays for a number of my posts. Up for the letter L is Lovers. This is card six.

6 Lovers webThe Lovers is a card about the relationship and union of opposites. In this card, we see that the dichotomies that have ruled our thinking (us and them, self and not self, love and hate, good and evil, etc.) are two ends of a continuum, and in the middle they meet, merge, and give life to each other.

The image of the two triangles is derived from a Tantra symbol representing the merging of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is the static Divine, transcendence. Shakti is the energy that animates and allows action. The two have their own separate identity, but together they create Life. Only by the complete interpenetration of form and matter, can the final truth be found.

This card is a call for us to live, to act, to love. In doing so, we form our values and define our way of being in the world.

Keywords upright: Union, love, action

Keywords reversed: Misalignment, dissonance, friction, imbalance

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4 thoughts on “L is for Lovers #Tarot #AtoZChallenge”

    1. This is a tarot deck of my artwork, hence why you haven’t seen it. 🙂 The image could also be a six-point star. That carries a lot of meaning from Kabbalah, which was carried into a lot of medieval esoteric systems.

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