S is for Survivorship

I recently attended a conference for survivors of GI cancers. During one of the presentations, this slide was shown. I love this definition of survivorship:


The conference was also encouraging about the advances in cancer treatments and some really groundbreaking stuff like vaccines and better immunotherapy drugs on the horizon. It made me think we might be getting closer to finding an actual cure for cancer, although it will be in fits and starts with different types of cancers.

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2 thoughts on “S is for Survivorship”

  1. That’s interesting about survivorship being something that includes family members, friends, and caregivers in addition to the person who survived cancer. It’s true that everyone’s lives have been impacted by the disease. Guess I never thought about it that way…and cancer runs in our family.


  2. I love this quote! I’m going to a survivorship conference on May 5th. I’ve been beside my husband for his stage IV cancer for over 5 years. So have our teenage daughters. Yet, I have had people criticise me, saying that because I have never had cancer I shouldn’t write about it. I do have my perspective, though. And my husband thinks that criticism is hogwash. Have a great weekend!
    Facing Cancer with Grace


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