Meds, Supplements, Exhaustion, and Pain Relief (Sometimes)

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Last week I had a glorious week without muscle relaxers. I had about three days of feeling very clear-headed and awake for the first time since Spring. Then the pain came back.

So how did I make it off muscle relaxers? I started taking three supplements from a company called Purium, which is an MLM, but these products are good and priced very competitively. Ease, which is a tumeric-based spray; Chill, which contains GABA and sun theanine; and a very high concentration of CBD oil. All are taken sublingually.

A little side rant: I live in a state that is currently trying to regulate CBD oil like it’s marijuana (so you only can buy it through a licensed dispensary, none of which are open yet but were supposed to be over a year ago), clearly because the state I live in is stupid. The vast majority of CBD oil is certified to be from hemp specifically, which is not marijuana. I wonder if they will start regulating the sale of hemp seed and oil next. *face palm* Anyway, a bunch of places are still selling it despite the legal argument taking place.

I went to the chiropractor Monday and got an alignment. My sacrum was whacked out this time. The alignment has helped the pain diminish, and this is my second day sans muscle relaxers. I may end up taking some today, though. We’ll see. Maybe hit up the chiropractor again tomorrow just to keep things stable.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What is interesting is how much better the arthritic and nerve pain in my spine is on these supplements. The main pain right now is myofascial, which actually is often more debilitating, but whatever. I just hope I can afford to stay stocked in CBD oil and not end up with a drug offense on my record. And afford to continue massage therapy, which I’d be doing much more regularly if my insurance covered it.

Anyone else out there find supplements that are helpful and don’t leave one in a permanent brain haze? I really enjoy being alert and awake.


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