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Motivation, Distraction and Apathy

Here's the thing about depression and anxiety: sometimes you just can't seem to get anything done. Depression leaves you apathetic, although so can anxiety. Anxiety leads to  distraction and difficulty concentrating. Depression drains motivation like a sieve until you're only left with the lump of your body stuck in bed or on the couch or… Continue reading Motivation, Distraction and Apathy

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Three Types of Meditation and My Pros and Cons

My friends all know I meditate. Recently, one was asking me for ideas on how to get started, and it got me thinking about the styles of meditation I've used and what I like and dislike about them. And then I figured I might as well blog about it. 🙂 The three types of meditation… Continue reading Three Types of Meditation and My Pros and Cons

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Black Seed Oil is Saving My GI System

After having a carcinoid tumor removed from my stomach and then developing SIBO, my GI system has been having a rough year. I got to the point this year that I could barely eat anything without bloating and nausea. Antibiotics helped, but I was still having a lot of food sensitivities, dyspepsia, and general uncomfortableness.… Continue reading Black Seed Oil is Saving My GI System

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U is for Upsides to Life’s Crap

Yesterday, I wrote about the Tower tarot card. One challenge of it is not viewing the difficult changes in life as necessarily bad. I've also been doing a good deal of Buddhist readings and recently came across several articles about viewing the "bad" or hard things that happen to us as a teacher to help… Continue reading U is for Upsides to Life’s Crap


S is for Survivorship

I recently attended a conference for survivors of GI cancers. During one of the presentations, this slide was shown. I love this definition of survivorship: The conference was also encouraging about the advances in cancer treatments and some really groundbreaking stuff like vaccines and better immunotherapy drugs on the horizon. It made me think we… Continue reading S is for Survivorship

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R is for Restlessness and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People are scary. They are erratic, emotional beings. One never knows what one will get when interacting with people. While we're at it, the whole world is pretty scary too. Animals might attack. Plants can make you sick or even kill you. There are so many natural disasters that could significantly alter one's life. Heck,… Continue reading R is for Restlessness and Generalized Anxiety Disorder