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Accepting Reality as a Starting Point for Openness

Lately, I've been seeing an uptick in memes or comments on social media to the effect of "it shouldn't be this way" or "this is the way it should be," depending on the subject and one's POV. This kind of thinking leads to a lot of dissatisfaction and stress because you can't change how things… Continue reading Accepting Reality as a Starting Point for Openness

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Maybe This Is a Problem. Maybe It Isn’t.

Lately, I've been feeling sad a lot. It's not an overwhelming depression feeling. It's just grief. A sense of loss. No one has died, but things change a lot. Meditation and mindfulness practices make me more acutely aware of this. My study of Dharma tells me that this grief is a sign of attachment. It's… Continue reading Maybe This Is a Problem. Maybe It Isn’t.

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Disappointment with Disappointment

Lately, I keep experiencing disappointment. Or, rather, I am paying attention to the fact that I experience disappointment. I think experiencing it is an ongoing thing for all of us. But it feels much better, safer, to keep on rolling along, letting distractions pull us away from the pain of disappointment. Yet, the pain is… Continue reading Disappointment with Disappointment

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Self-Reliance; No-Self–Reliance

Sometimes I get lost in "me." My financial difficulties, my mental problems, my physical pain and limitations. All I see are the obstacles that heighten my hardship. I become obsessed with all the systems that make my life more challenging and how all those systems need to change or just plain suck. I get lost… Continue reading Self-Reliance; No-Self–Reliance

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Trust, Contracts, ADR, and True Love

On this past Sunday and Monday, I had three lessons about trust. It showed me some of the ways that trust is so important and also how much it can lack within our society and our relationships. Act 1: Contracts On Monday afternoon I took a class about real estate contract writing for a new… Continue reading Trust, Contracts, ADR, and True Love

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Is That New Middle Kids Song an Homage to the “Deep Throat” Theme?

I love the new debut album by Middle Kids. Lots of poignant lyrics, powerful female vocals, and moving music that ranges from playful to gut-wrenching. All the things that draw me to my fave alternative bands. The album has been on frequent rotation, along with the new albums by CHVRCHES and Courtney Barnett. Recently, I… Continue reading Is That New Middle Kids Song an Homage to the “Deep Throat” Theme?