Depression Isn’t Sadness and Suicide Isn’t a Cry For Help… by Steve Safran

Blooms and Bubbles

Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. Two gut-punching suicides that have people asking “Why them? They had it all!” Sure, Bourdain lived a hard life, but Kate Spade, the queen of whimsy? She was wealthy, adored and…


We need better words. One of the biggest disservices to the field of mental health is to call the diagnosis of “depression” by the name “depression.” Everyone “gets depressed.” It’s a commonplace word: “I’m so depressed the meeting I planned fell through.” “The ending of that show was too depressing.” “He’s too depressing to be around.”

None of these examples has anything to do with the psychological definition of Depression.

People who live with depression are wired differently. Our brains perceive life differently than those who do not have depression. Let me put it another way.

Suppose you were born left-handed in this predominantly right-handed world. Suppose that was considered OK from time to…

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The Cure for Depression

Not a bad list. I would add meditate. You van also connect with animals or other nature.

The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog

Step right up, folks! Step right up!

Come feast your eyes on this marvelous tonic; right here, right now. What you may think is a simple bottle is actually the most secret of formulas from the Jungles of the East; from the hand of Marvelodijiling, the famed Healer and only man to live past 200 years of age without a health problem of any sort.

This is The Cure for Depression.

It is, indeed. You may shake your head at me, madame. You may wonder at the authenticity, young sir. I assure ALL that this product is exactly as it says. One simple dose each day will GUA-RAN-TEE to rid you of the woes of Depression.

Labelled glass bottles with various powders and liquids

…And if that sales pitch convinced you, then you and I need to have a long talk.

Actually, we can have a really short talk: Depression doesn’t work like that. For one, it isn’t “cured.”…

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Columbus Moving Image Art Review 34 is April 20th

Another film event for the art video “Death Mask” that features my husband’s music.

Columbus Moving Image Art Review

The Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) will host its 34th quarterly local moving image screening event on Friday April 20th from 8:30pm to 9:30pm at Hagerty Hall 180. CMIAR is a screening event for artists residing in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. CMIAR was developed by two local moving image artists who wanted to create a way for the seventh art of film to return to the presentation medium of the cinema house.
Free and open to the public. CMIAR is sponsored by the OSU Film Studies Program and Nicolettecinemagraphics. For more information visit our facebook page.

CMIAR 34 Artists in Screening Order
Tea Time by Jake Metzger
Faces of Solidarity: 25 Faces One Move 72 Views by Matt Swift
Broken by John Maslowski
Submersible by Christian Merrill
The Electric Tree: Nature Transformed by Eric Homan
you | me: WE by Juna Amano + Christine Guillot…

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Chaos: My Best Friend

A lovely piece on self sabotage and self care.

The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog

joshua-fuller-229095So, there is this thing called chaos.  It’s a noun that is defined as complete disorder and confusion.  And I am drawn to it like a moth to light, like bees to honey, women to shopping malls, you get my drift.  I’ve been this way for years upon years.  Only being really cognizant of it over the last few years.

Yesterday I saw my psychiatrist and I confessed my sins.  I had made the choice over a week ago to decrease my mood stabilizer medications because I was tired of the side effects, namely weight gain.  I had enough, and I took matters into my own hands, even though I knew that I should not make changes without her guidance and approval.  Knowing that my choice to mess with my medication regime could cause instability in mood and potentially a devastating setback.

Truth be told I had been doing really…

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