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U is for Upsides to Life’s Crap

Yesterday, I wrote about the Tower tarot card. One challenge of it is not viewing the difficult changes in life as necessarily bad. I've also been doing a good deal of Buddhist readings and recently came across several articles about viewing the "bad" or hard things that happen to us as a teacher to help… Continue reading U is for Upsides to Life’s Crap

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Q is for Questions that are Left Open-ended

Lately, the concreteness of what can be known has been on my mind. It's something I've pondered on and off for many, many years. I will probably continue to contemplate the boundaries of knowledge for the rest of my life. Everyone (probably) knows what these questions are like. Why is there suffering and pain? How… Continue reading Q is for Questions that are Left Open-ended

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M is for Magician #Tarot #AtoZChallenge

Another tarot card. Today the Magician. Card 1. The Magician is the first step on the journey of enlightenment represented within the major arcana. It indicates a person who first sees their discrete self and begins to apply willpower for the ends of the self. You see it reflected in the toddler yelling “no!” in… Continue reading M is for Magician #Tarot #AtoZChallenge