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Motivation, Distraction and Apathy

Here's the thing about depression and anxiety: sometimes you just can't seem to get anything done. Depression leaves you apathetic, although so can anxiety. Anxiety leads to  distraction and difficulty concentrating. Depression drains motivation like a sieve until you're only left with the lump of your body stuck in bed or on the couch or… Continue reading Motivation, Distraction and Apathy

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R is for Restlessness and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People are scary. They are erratic, emotional beings. One never knows what one will get when interacting with people. While we're at it, the whole world is pretty scary too. Animals might attack. Plants can make you sick or even kill you. There are so many natural disasters that could significantly alter one's life. Heck,… Continue reading R is for Restlessness and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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The Day a Conference Broke Me

I went to an all-day conference yesterday. I was there about 9 hours. There was a long lunch break. I had time to walk around. The chairs in the rooms weren't the greatest, but I had my ergonomic kit designed to make it easier for me to sit without greatly aggravating my chronic pain condition.… Continue reading The Day a Conference Broke Me