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Stress, Suffering, Pain, and Release

Recently, my husband and I took an R&R long weekend at a cabin in the countryside about an hour from home. I was sitting on the screened porch one morning, sipping tea and listening to the birds. A pasture area lay off beyond the trees. The air smelled fresh after the rain the night before.… Continue reading Stress, Suffering, Pain, and Release

Autobio, Pain, Spirituality

The Insidiousness of Hope

This week, I let myself hope that my extended time on muscle relaxers and additional back pain was coming to an end. I let myself hope that last week, too, and it didn't work out. But this week felt different. During the day on Monday I felt really good with only half a muscle relaxer… Continue reading The Insidiousness of Hope

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Emptying the Mind When Life is Full

I've been busy lately working, starting a new job, and doing physical therapy for my acute back strain, so my poor blog has been neglected. Also, being on muscle relaxers constantly for over a month takes a toll on my brain power. I'm finally beginning to taper down to lower doses, so hopefully my brain… Continue reading Emptying the Mind When Life is Full


It’s Not Just Complicated, It’s Downright Slippery

In pop culture, I often hear people say "it's complicated" to indicate their relationship status. Usage has expanded to cover just about any aspect of life. Everything, after all, is complicated in the sense that there are a million moving parts and facets acting upon each moment. Yet, many also contend it is simple. Either… Continue reading It’s Not Just Complicated, It’s Downright Slippery


Z is for Zen and My (Currently?) Favorite Zen Author

Yesterday I went to a healing sound meditation event at a local park. The day was cool but sunshine beautifully filtered through the trees and only a light breeze swept over the small fishing pond. Just enough movement to keep the sage smoke traveling over the group. It was not a Buddhist event, yet I… Continue reading Z is for Zen and My (Currently?) Favorite Zen Author