Tarot Introspections: Mother of Pentacles

Tarot is one of my abiding loves for introspective guidance. Not in a fortune telling sense but as a way to tease things out of my subconscious or unconscious mind. Shortly before my state went into lockdown, I found The Wild Unknown Tarot at Half Price Books on their 50% one item day, so for… Continue reading Tarot Introspections: Mother of Pentacles

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X is for Xenagogy: A visitor’s guide to the psyche

Xenogogy is a guidebook for tourists or visitors. Since I am definitely in an exploring-the-mind place, I decided to talk about a guidebook to the psyche. After all, it can definitely feel like you are a tourist when you delve into your own, but that's what makes it fascinating. You probably aren't surprised that I'm… Continue reading X is for Xenagogy: A visitor’s guide to the psyche

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W is for Wheel of Fortune – the #tarot card, not the TV show

Today is the last day of sharing a tarot card for the A to Z Challenge. Wheel of Fortune is card ten. In Buddhist thought, there is the concept of impermanence. This states that everything that exists is always changing, in every moment. Therefore, we must embrace the groundlessness of our existence and realize there… Continue reading W is for Wheel of Fortune – the #tarot card, not the TV show


T is for Tower #tarot #AtoZchallenge

Today, back to my tarot deck. I'm highlighting the Tower card, which is card 16 of the major arcana. The Tower indicates swift, sudden change. Traditionally, the card shows lightning striking a tower and people falling from the building. It is utter, irrevocable destruction. In other words, it indicates change from which there is no… Continue reading T is for Tower #tarot #AtoZchallenge

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Q is for Questions that are Left Open-ended

Lately, the concreteness of what can be known has been on my mind. It's something I've pondered on and off for many, many years. I will probably continue to contemplate the boundaries of knowledge for the rest of my life. Everyone (probably) knows what these questions are like. Why is there suffering and pain? How… Continue reading Q is for Questions that are Left Open-ended

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M is for Magician #Tarot #AtoZChallenge

Another tarot card. Today the Magician. Card 1. The Magician is the first step on the journey of enlightenment represented within the major arcana. It indicates a person who first sees their discrete self and begins to apply willpower for the ends of the self. You see it reflected in the toddler yelling “no!” in… Continue reading M is for Magician #Tarot #AtoZChallenge