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The Insidiousness of Hope

This week, I let myself hope that my extended time on muscle relaxers and additional back pain was coming to an end. I let myself hope that last week, too, and it didn't work out. But this week felt different. During the day on Monday I felt really good with only half a muscle relaxer… Continue reading The Insidiousness of Hope


When We Take Our Nose Out of Our Book, We Learn to Change Our Story

Love the metaphor in this piece. It is so easy to live in our heads, but that is so limiting. I’ve been thinking today about letting go and creating a vacuum of space to allow life to fill me up with what I need.

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This articles talk about changing your story & writing your happy ending.We are all human, and no matter our upbringing, family, education, or life choices, we all encounter struggles, heartache and negative influence, and its so very easy to fall into the trap of overlooking the beauty, kindness, gratitude and love that not only exists in this sometimes unrelenting world, but in ourselves.

We, as humans have the tendency to stick our nose in our own book, and we inherently believe that the script of what others portray on the outside is their actual truth, when in reality, “faking it to make it” is the game they play just as well as you. There were many times in my life that I would assume the perfect life existed in everyone’s else’s story, there were princesses and handsome princes that didn’t have the fire breathing dragon that burned me on more than one occasion. I would hurt so deeply that I couldn’t…

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Let’s Talk About Sex … and Chronic Back Pain

To my mother-in-law, who I know reads my blog, feel free to stop reading now. 😉 One of the least talked about (on the surface, although you can find stuff if you search for it) is how much of an impact chronic back pain has on your sex life. We all hear about how sex… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex … and Chronic Back Pain

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Emptying the Mind When Life is Full

I've been busy lately working, starting a new job, and doing physical therapy for my acute back strain, so my poor blog has been neglected. Also, being on muscle relaxers constantly for over a month takes a toll on my brain power. I'm finally beginning to taper down to lower doses, so hopefully my brain… Continue reading Emptying the Mind When Life is Full

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Pain and Depression Coping Mechanisms: Kittens

My husband and I have fostered kittens for about 16 years. It's our primary volunteer activity, especially now that my physical body doesn't allow me to do much work in the shelter itself anymore. It's a rewarding experience, although I do sometimes cry when I have to take certain kittens back. It was a lot… Continue reading Pain and Depression Coping Mechanisms: Kittens