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V is for Value: A Koan

Is there value to life when it all leads to death? What actually provides value in this life? These are questions I don't know the answer to. Hence, I am calling them a koan, a starting point for meditative inquiry. I have come across several takes on the story of Buddha's enlightenment. In case you… Continue reading V is for Value: A Koan

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U is for Upsides to Life’s Crap

Yesterday, I wrote about the Tower tarot card. One challenge of it is not viewing the difficult changes in life as necessarily bad. I've also been doing a good deal of Buddhist readings and recently came across several articles about viewing the "bad" or hard things that happen to us as a teacher to help… Continue reading U is for Upsides to Life’s Crap


T is for Tower #tarot #AtoZchallenge

Today, back to my tarot deck. I'm highlighting the Tower card, which is card 16 of the major arcana. The Tower indicates swift, sudden change. Traditionally, the card shows lightning striking a tower and people falling from the building. It is utter, irrevocable destruction. In other words, it indicates change from which there is no… Continue reading T is for Tower #tarot #AtoZchallenge


S is for Survivorship

I recently attended a conference for survivors of GI cancers. During one of the presentations, this slide was shown. I love this definition of survivorship: The conference was also encouraging about the advances in cancer treatments and some really groundbreaking stuff like vaccines and better immunotherapy drugs on the horizon. It made me think we… Continue reading S is for Survivorship

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R is for Restlessness and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People are scary. They are erratic, emotional beings. One never knows what one will get when interacting with people. While we're at it, the whole world is pretty scary too. Animals might attack. Plants can make you sick or even kill you. There are so many natural disasters that could significantly alter one's life. Heck,… Continue reading R is for Restlessness and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Q is for Questions that are Left Open-ended

Lately, the concreteness of what can be known has been on my mind. It's something I've pondered on and off for many, many years. I will probably continue to contemplate the boundaries of knowledge for the rest of my life. Everyone (probably) knows what these questions are like. Why is there suffering and pain? How… Continue reading Q is for Questions that are Left Open-ended


Columbus Moving Image Art Review 34 is April 20th

Another film event for the art video “Death Mask” that features my husband’s music.

Columbus Moving Image Art Review

The Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) will host its 34th quarterly local moving image screening event on Friday April 20th from 8:30pm to 9:30pm at Hagerty Hall 180. CMIAR is a screening event for artists residing in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. CMIAR was developed by two local moving image artists who wanted to create a way for the seventh art of film to return to the presentation medium of the cinema house.
Free and open to the public. CMIAR is sponsored by the OSU Film Studies Program and Nicolettecinemagraphics. For more information visit our facebook page.

CMIAR 34 Artists in Screening Order
Tea Time by Jake Metzger
Faces of Solidarity: 25 Faces One Move 72 Views by Matt Swift
Broken by John Maslowski
Submersible by Christian Merrill
The Electric Tree: Nature Transformed by Eric Homan
you | me: WE by Juna Amano + Christine Guillot…

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