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Let’s Talk About Sex … and Chronic Back Pain

To my mother-in-law, who I know reads my blog, feel free to stop reading now. 😉 One of the least talked about (on the surface, although you can find stuff if you search for it) is how much of an impact chronic back pain has on your sex life. We all hear about how sex… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex … and Chronic Back Pain

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Emptying the Mind When Life is Full

I've been busy lately working, starting a new job, and doing physical therapy for my acute back strain, so my poor blog has been neglected. Also, being on muscle relaxers constantly for over a month takes a toll on my brain power. I'm finally beginning to taper down to lower doses, so hopefully my brain… Continue reading Emptying the Mind When Life is Full

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Pain and Depression Coping Mechanisms: Kittens

My husband and I have fostered kittens for about 16 years. It's our primary volunteer activity, especially now that my physical body doesn't allow me to do much work in the shelter itself anymore. It's a rewarding experience, although I do sometimes cry when I have to take certain kittens back. It was a lot… Continue reading Pain and Depression Coping Mechanisms: Kittens

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Suicide, Shit, #itgetsbetter, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, Zen, and Platitudes

Ambitious title, huh? You'll probably be disappointed, but maybe not. I hope you'll keep reading anyway. I had a major back flare up last week. I could barely walk or sit up for two and a half days. I'm still on muscle relaxers and it still hurts to sit up, but not so excruciatingly that… Continue reading Suicide, Shit, #itgetsbetter, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, Zen, and Platitudes


We Need to Talk About ALL Deaths by Suicide—Not Just When Celebrities Die by Suicide

I also think we don’t talk enough about how physical pain influences suicidal tendencies. Chronic pain is a major risk factor for suicide and goes hand in hand with depression.

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I am saddened by the two celebrities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, that died by suicide last week. However, I am glad it has increased the discussion about mental illness and suicide. I wish people would discuss the severe epidemic of mental illness and suicide before celebrity suicides occurred, but at any rate we are talking about it finally.

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After listening to people speak about mental illness on the news and other places, I have come to the realization that most people do not have a clue what mental illness is. Too many people have said that these two people who died by suicide had everything going for them and had everything to live for and yet they were not happy.  These comments make me think that people really don’t get it.

Mental illness is not a choice. Mental illness is not a character flaw. Mental illness is not always…

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Depression Isn’t Sadness and Suicide Isn’t a Cry For Help… by Steve Safran

Blooms and Bubbles

Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. Two gut-punching suicides that have people asking “Why them? They had it all!” Sure, Bourdain lived a hard life, but Kate Spade, the queen of whimsy? She was wealthy, adored and…


We need better words. One of the biggest disservices to the field of mental health is to call the diagnosis of “depression” by the name “depression.” Everyone “gets depressed.” It’s a commonplace word: “I’m so depressed the meeting I planned fell through.” “The ending of that show was too depressing.” “He’s too depressing to be around.”

None of these examples has anything to do with the psychological definition of Depression.

People who live with depression are wired differently. Our brains perceive life differently than those who do not have depression. Let me put it another way.

Suppose you were born left-handed in this predominantly right-handed world. Suppose that was considered OK from time to…

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